Welcome to Primo Market!
Primo Foods provides ten of thousands of San Diego locals with the freshest meats, produce, and dairy products anywhere. We buy from local producers whenever possible to insure freshness and quality. Our friendly staff will help you find what the groceries you need. Come by any weekend and try our world famous barbeque.
If you want and tasty lunch with generous portions that is much less expensive than local restaurants, come to Primo's! We prepare fresh daily a huge variety of Mexican Classics as well as a variety of BBQ meats. All of our beef is Certified Angus Brand which ensures a consistent quality and superior flavor.
Starting at seven dollars per person, you will love the convenience and low cost of having Primo's cater your next event. We use stainless steel electric chafers to keep your food at the perfect temperature. For a custom catering price quote that is exactly what you want - calll 760-724-1483.


Primo Classics
  • Tortas

    A delicious sandwich with the meat of your choice.

    price: $3.99

  • Menudo Sabado & Domingo

    Hand Made stew that comes with Tortilla.

    Small: $4.00
    Large: $5.00


    'cal-doh deh poy oh'
    Mexican style chicken soup layered over spiced rice, avocado, and cilantro.

    Small: $4.99
    Large: $7.99


    'cal-doh deh rey'
    Traditional mexican style beef soup that is hearty and satisfying.

    Small $4.99
    Large $7.99

  • Burritos

    A large flour tortilla filled with good things and served along side rice and beans

    price: $3.99

  • Tilapia Combo

    a whole fried fish served with rice and beans.

    price: $4.99

  • Extras

    add to any meal or even order as a snack,

    Guacamole ... $.40
    Cheese ... $.40
    Salsa Fresca ... $.40
    Sour Cream ... $.40

Primo BBQ
Primo BBQ

    The premium pork rib.

    Full Slab $20.99


    Grilled to perfection an served with a tangy sauce.

    Half Slab $11.99
    Full Slab $19.99


    100% Certified Angus Beef Ribs that are big and meaty.

    Half Slab $11.99
    Full Slab $19.99

  • TRI-TIP Sandwich

    The Primo Tri-Tip Sandwich eats like a large meal. Sure to satisfy any hunger when paired with fresh guacamole and chips.

    price: $7.99


    Tender and flavorful, Primo Tri-Tip is a delicious and juicy cut of Angus Certified Beef that is served medium rare.

    $12.99 / LB.

  • BBQ Chicken

    One Leg Quarter
    (One Thigh, One Drumstick)

    Price ... $2.99

    Chicken Breast and wing

    Price ... $3.99

    Half Chicken
    (One Breast, One Wing, One Thigh, One Drumstick,)

    Price ... $4.99

    Three Leg Quarters
    (Three Thighs, Three Drumsticks)

    Price ... $7.99

A La Carte
Primo Carna Asada

    'car-ney ah-sadah'
    Primo Carne Asada is made with Certified Angus Brand beef for a truly superior level of quality that you simply will not find anywhere else. Order a pound of our fully cooked Primo Carne Asada for a new family favorite.

    $7.99 / LB.


    Primo Birria is a classic mexican dish consisting of extremely tender stewed meat. Birria requires a lot of ingredients and takes a long time to make, so many of our patrons eat Birria exclusively at Primo's.

    $7.99 / LB.


    In the mood for a little meat? Made with pork that has been fried and braised until it is so tender it falls apart, Caritas makes excellent street tacos.

    $7.99 / LB.


    Grilled and seasoned to perfection, perfect for a quick and easy make your own Fajita night.

    $7.99 / LB.


    Traditional, classic, sublime mexican rice and beans.

    Small $3.99
    Large $4.99


    Primo Buffalo Wings are an American classic. Our extra large wings are deep fried to perfection and then lovingly brushed with just the right amount of sauce.

    6 wings ... $5.99
    12 wings ... $10.99

The Primo's Team

Long before locally grown was a trend, market owners knew that it was the only way to get customers the freshest food at a reasonable price. Primo's team has the local connections needed to get the food from the farm to your table quickly. Besides just getting you the freshest produce, we have an amazing selection of certified Angus beef as well as hot foods that are made daily and ready to eat.


About Primo Foods Oceanside

606 Morse Street
Oceanside, CA 92054



Find Us:

Primo Oceanside has a walk up window on the side of the building where customers can order a complete meal with the meat of their choice served with rice and beans or pick up a pound of Primo favorites such as Primo Carne Asada made with 100% Certified Angus Beef, Primo Pollo Asada (chicken), Al Pastor (Seasoned Pork), or Carnitas (Pork) as well as Rice and Beans. Walk into Primo market and complete your dinner to go kit with tortillas, fresh guacamole, and a variety of fresh salsas which you can try at the salsa and chips sample bar.

About Primo Foods Vista

1535 W Vista Way
Vista, CA 92083



Find Us:

Primo Foods Vista is the location that started it all way back in 1994. Know for an immense selection of hot entrees that are made daily, the freshest fruits and vegetables straight from local farms, and a fantastic variety of bottled hot sauces. Primo Foods Vista has a legendary outdoor BBQ every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday where you can get chicken, baby back ribs, 100% Certified Angus Tri-Tip and beef ribs hot off the grill. Make sure to sample our chips and salsa before you go. Get there early on Taco Tuesday and Taco Friday to beat the rush and the crowd that line up for 69 cent tacos.

About Primo Foods Tierrasanta

5950 Santo Rd
San Diego, CA 92124



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Primo Foods Tierrasanta is our newset location - which serves a slightly more upscale clientele with and offers a selection of organic products.

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